Artist statement

In my work there is a dialogue between the outer world – observed, perceived by senses, written in memory; and the inner – a world charged with experiences, emotions, and a knowing of something that is both precise and necessary, which expresses itself with the shapes as a surging of energy arising from the rich space of the paper.

The images are cultural symbols charged with earthly and metaphysical contexts. The vulnerable and sensitive nakedness of the paper gives rise to many motifs: a bird, an eagle, lizards, bowls, a flower, a book, the written word, leaves, a fish, a pyramid, a triangle, and sometimes things which have no name for them, but are full of a presence, character, almost a personality.

These symbols of culture/nature merge into a strong sense of existence and presence which in turn express femininity and sensuality, vulnerability, life and power, beauty, memory, chaos and death.

I come from a world of music, dance, healing, kung-fu, and plastic arts. The merging of these creates a complex discourse. I look for the aesthetics that are woven of the inner communication between the different worlds and seek to connect the nets of vision and consciousness to their modes of representation.

The work seems to seek to return art to its past origins, out of a connection to the shamanic spirit, when art was not “art”, but an array of Images which contain within them mystical powers with all the might of a pre-historical fertility goddesses, or hieroglyphs as written language, as images, and as holy relics.

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